1. mattys-heartout:

    life goals: give birth to the child of any member from the 1975


    (via summerflies)

  2. Perfect weather

  3. I want!

  4. 50’s Diner Burger at Baguio is a must try!

  5. Team Manila socks from a good friend x Vans x Chocolate/Girl Skateboards

  6. Got this baby 4 years ago. It looks filthy because of the tape. Wondering about the tape? Well I’m really not sure what happened but the cover for the flash won’t go down, dad’s fault. And I never had time to get it fixed. Hehe. Blame my laziness, as usual. Anyway, I love this so much even tho I don’t like it sometimes (lolwhut?) I learned to love and hate photography for some reasons. Yep love and hate relationship. Hahaha!
    Anyway, starting now I’ll get back to photography and add some for my suckish portfolio. And yeah I miss shooting non skateboarding related subject. I hope I won’t get lazy as fvck.

    Sorry I really suck at writting damn it bye

  7. I need to get fit not skinny. I love my pants though. Topshop never fails.

  8. Cold skate day

  9. Everyday shoes

  10. // The 1975 //

  11. Skateboarding will never be fun without your friend/friends.

  12. My not so obvious new hair cut and dip dyed slash ombre im not sure hair


  13. My timeline:





    Cute boys skating

    Dylan Rieder

    Sean Malto


    Random quotes


    The 1975

    The 1975

    The 1975

    The 1975

    The 1975

    The 1975

    The 1975

    The 1975

    So yeah..


  14. So I think a need a rehab, The 1975 rehab. lol. I still have a pcd and its been weeks already. Oh no what have you done, Matty! 

    Oh well, what’s not to love about this band. I’ve been watching their interviews way before the concert and still watching more after. Yeah, i’m a bit of a fan girl of bands.. just like the others.. typical fan girl, saving all photos of them, listening to them for weeks, memorizing the lyrics and of course stalking hehehe. Okay I need to stop. I need to listen to other bands for awhile.. 

    Ps: I’m not one of the fans that loved them because of One Direction. lol. 

  15. Sister from anotha motha <3